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Some of the logic gates that are added by Integration, along with a few wires

Integration is a module of ProjectRed. It adds extra logic gates to Minecraft. These gates, when taking in a signal from either default Minecraft redstone dust or the relevant wire will perform operations on or set outputs based on the signal.

Fabrication is a sub-module of Integration, that adds the IC Gate and its associated blocks.


Integration adds many logic gates to the game. A logic gate is a small tile, much like the Redstone Repeater. Its purpose is to squeeze the functionality of a large redstone machine into a small block. And since logic gates are multiparts, they can be covered with micro blocks, or even share a block space with other logic gates.

Items Added

Logic Gates
Combinatorial Sequential Array Bundled Other
OR Gate Pulse Former Null Cell Bus Transceiver Light Sensor
NOR Gate Repeater Invert Cell Bus Randomizer Rain Sensor
NOT Gate Randomizer Buffer Cell Bus Converter IC Gate
AND Gate RS Latch AND Cell Bus Input Panel
NAND Gate Toggle Latch Stacking Latch Segment Display Gate
XOR Gate Transparent Latch
XNOR Gate Timer
Buffer Gate Sequencer
Multiplexer Counter
State Cell
Dec Randomizer
IC Workbench IC Printer IC Blueprint IC Chip

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