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A red alloy wire can go up walls.

A wire is a block in Minecraft that is used to transmit redstone signals from one place to another. They often are used to connect the various inputs and outputs of logic gates to form one large redstone circuit. An example of wires that are already in Minecraft is redstone dust. Although it is decent, redstone dust is not really a wire. It has many limitations.


Surface Wires

Surface wires are the primary type of wire. They must be placed on a solid surface. They can be run up walls and such, but will fall if the block they are sitting on is removed, much like torches. Wires can also be run around corners or between edges. These are the types of wires that you will use most often. The following properties are shared among every type of surface wire.

Images Description
Wire walls.png Wires can be run up walls.
Wire edge.png Wires can snap onto other wires or devices within the same block.
Wire corner.png Wires will connect around corners to other wires or devices.
Wire cover.png Wire connections can be obscured by other parts such as covers.

Framed Wires

Framed wires are wires that are suspended inside a wooden cage. This means that although they cant be run around corners or through edges, they can support themselves alone. They don't need any type of external support. They can reach places without the requirement of having another block to sit on, or can be suspended in the air.

Images Description
Fwire support.png Framed wires don't need support. They can be freely placed without the need for a support block.
Fwire connect.png Framed wires can be placed within the same block as other flat wires. Framed wires can reach for other framed wires or flat wires in the same block. They use the same wire to wire connection logic as their counterparts.
Fwire hollow.png Framed wires will connect through hollow covers.
Fwire cover.png Framed wire connections can be obscured with other parts such as covers.
Fwire jacket.png Jackets can be applied to framed wires in order to change their look by right-clicking them with a cover.

While the crafting recipe is 8 oak strips around one red alloy wire, to make a basic framed wire, there is a crafting glitch in the 1.7.10 version. If you place 4 oak strips in a square in the survival player crafting square, it gives you a framed red-alloy wire. no iron, no Redstone. Not sure if this has been removed in later versions. Hope this helps.

Types of wires

These are all the different types of redstone wires. They each have a dependent variant, as well as a framed variant.

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