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Pipe Classification Description
Item Transport Pipe
Null-logic The most basic type of pipe. It can only pass items from one pipe to another.
Routed Junction Pipe
Routed Primitive type of routing pipe that forms connections between other routers. Since all other routing pipes can do what the Junction pipe can do, it is primarily used only in places such as intersections to control the random nature of basic item transport pipes where no other functionality is required.
Routed Interface Pipe
Routed Interface pipes connect to an inventory for sending and receiving items. Chips can be used to alter their logic.
Routed Crafting Pipe
Routed Crafting pipes allow for items to be crafted through the connected machine.
Routed Request Pipe
Routed Request pipes allow for requesting specific items to be sent to the pipe.
Routed Extension Pipe
Routed Extension pipes can couple with Crafting pipes to enable more intricate crafting.
Routed Firewall Pipe
Routed Firewall pipes can control what can pass through them. Routing will take into account these blocked paths and route accordingly.