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Routed Junction Pipe

Routed Junction Pipe
Routed Junction pipe 256.png
Routed Junction Pipe

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First appearance

v4.2.0 (beta)


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Routed Junction Pipes are the primitive type of routed pipes. They only provide means of connecting other routed pipes to form pipe networks.



Ingredients Crafting recipe
Red Illumar +
Infused Silicon +
Green Illumar +
Diamond (Gem) +
Glass Pane
Red IllumarInfused SiliconGreen IllumarDiamond (Gem)Glass PaneDiamond (Gem)Green IllumarInfused SiliconRed Illumar
Routed Junction Pipe16


As a Crafting Ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Routed Crafting Pipe Redstone +
Glowstone (Dust) +
Routed Junction Pipe
RedstoneGlowstone (Dust)RedstoneRedstoneRouted Junction PipeRedstoneRedstoneGlowstone (Dust)Redstone
Routed Crafting Pipe
Routed Extension Pipe Redstone +
Routed Junction Pipe

RedstoneRouted Junction PipeRedstone

Routed Extension Pipe
Routed Firewall Pipe Nether Brick +
Magma Cream +
Routed Junction Pipe
Nether BrickMagma CreamNether BrickMagma CreamRouted Junction PipeMagma CreamNether BrickMagma CreamNether Brick
Routed Firewall Pipe
Routed Interface Pipe Redstone +
Gold Nugget +
Routed Junction Pipe
RedstoneGold NuggetRedstoneGold NuggetRouted Junction PipeGold NuggetRedstoneGold NuggetRedstone
Routed Interface Pipe
Routed Request Pipe Redstone +
Diamond (Gem) +
Routed Junction Pipe
RedstoneDiamond (Gem)RedstoneRedstoneRouted Junction PipeRedstoneRedstoneDiamond (Gem)Redstone
Routed Request Pipe

A Routed Junction Pipe can form routed networks like any other routed pipe. However, it has no special functions, and can't do much on its own.

Such a pipe is useful in places such as intersections of transport pipes, where if a junction pipe is not used, items will travel in a random destination, which is inefficient, as items could end up travelling around networks for a long time without ever reaching their destination.

Another use for Junction pipes is to allow connections over a very long distance. 2 routed pipes can only search so far until it gives up. If a single line is too long, it won't discover the other router. A Junction pipe can be placed half way so all pipes can link.

When an item enters a Junction Pipe, the Junction Pipe decides which direction it is best to send the item, in order to reach the payload's destination. If none is present, one will be assigned if available. The item is then relayed, with the hope that it eventually will reach the next router, or its destination. When being relayed, items are given a slight speed boost, depending on their send priority.

In the case that no valid destination is found, a random direction is chosen (although never in the direction the item has just come from). This can happen if, for instance, a valid destination existed, but was removed before the items arrived.

Junction Pipes are also required if a system needs to run Transport Pipes longer than 49 blocks, as this is the limit on how many pipes routed pipes can communicate through.

All other routed pipes work as Junction pipes, and provide the exact same functionality, plus more.


See also: Basic pipe mechanics

These are mechanics that are shared among all types of routed pipes.

Images Description
Rpipe conn.png Routed pipes form networks when linked with other routed pipes. Sides that are connected to others are indicated by the light at the end of the pipe. Red sides are not linked to other pipes, but green sides are.
Rpipe inv.png Routed pipes connect to inventories. The side that is interfaced with an inventory is indicated by the yellow tints on that side. This side can be toggled between all possible inventors by right-clicking with a screwdriver. Only 1 side can connect to an inventory, inventories connected on any non-yellow side is ignored.


Version Changes
v4.2.0 (beta) Added the Routed Junction pipe.


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