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  1. Make sure you back up your world.
  2. Install Minecraft Forge
  3. Install external library mods required for Project Red:
 * Scorge
 * Code Chicken Lib
 * CB Multipart
  1. Install Project Red Core
  2. Download the jars that you want and place them in the mods folder. Pay special attention to the dependencies list on the right side. Those are the mods that also must be installed for the mod in question to work.
  3. Forge Multipart will be auto-downloaded on first launch.


If you'd like to support further development and continuation of my mods, support me on Patreon

Latest Versions

Link Description
MrTJPCore Common library required for all mods.
ProjectRed Core A common library shared by the other modules. By itself it doesn't add much, but is required to be installed.
ProjectRed Integration Adds gates and redstone wiring.


  • Project Red Core
ProjectRed Fabrication Redstone logic gates that can replace very large multi-block circuits.


  • Project Red Integration
ProjectRed Illumination Decorative, redstone-controlled lighting.


  • Project Red Core
ProjectRed Exploration Adds Worldgen, ores, tools, decorative blocks, etc.


  • Project Red Core

Compatibile mods and Addons

The following mods add cross-mod interactions with Project Red:

  • Forge Relocation - Relocate blocks in style.
  • WirelessRedstone - ChickenBones Edition - Red alloy wire signals can be run to limitless ranges with wireless transmitters and receivers.
  • NotEnoughItems - Special recipes can be viewed. Also adds extra info to live tooltips.
  • Tinkers Construct - Red alloy ingots can be crafted in the smeltery more efficiently.
  • Thermal Expansion - Induction smelters can make Red alloy ingots more efficiently.
  • Waila - Adds special in-world tooltips for gates that show info such as inputs, outputs, delays, time, etc.
  • OpenComputers - Computers connect to bundled cables. They can read and emit signals.

Source Code

The GitHub repository can be found here. If you know a thing or two about Java and would like to help, feel free to check it out.

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