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Forge Relocation version archive


  1. Make sure you back up your world.
  2. Install Minecraft Forge (Try latest, roll back to recommended if there are problems).
  3. Install MrTJPCore (Try latest, roll back to recommended if there are problems).
  4. Download the Forge Relocation jar and place it in the mods folder. (The api, dev and src jars are for developers only)
  5. Download any additional plugins you might want and place it in the mods folder.


By itself, Forge Relocation can move around most blocks and tiles without problems. However, some blocks added by other mods are tricky to move, and cause weird behavior when you try to do so. To fix this, plugins can be added to handle special types of blocks.

  • Forge Relocation FMP - Adds the ability to move around multipart blocks from ForgeMultipart. Also adds the ability to place smaller parts inside a frame block.


Red builds can be unstable. Very unstable. If you live life on the edge, you may use these...

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Yea, I know. Ads suck. But it helps me mod instead of working a job, which means a better mod for you. A few seconds of your time is all I ask for the countless hours that were spent on coding.

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A complete change log can be found here.

Source Code and Development

The GitHub repository can be found here. If you know a thing or two about Java and would like to help, feel free to check it out.