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Core is the main module for ProjectRed. Overall, it doesn't add anything useful or exciting to the game. It serves as a library of utilities, along with CodeChickenLib, that are required for anything else to work. It also manages the communications between the different modules in PR.

Items added

The module adds a number of common crafting ingredients as well as a couple of basic tools to the mod. These are all shared between other modules as common ingredients or tools that can affect any module with parts relevant to their function. Interestingly, though core provides gems and metal ingots, Exploration is the module that actually adds the ores and blocks for them.


Logic Gate Ingredients Minerals & Ingots Mid-steps Components
Anode Copper Ingot Electrotine Iron Compound Copper Coil
Bundled Plate Electrotine Electrotine Silicon Compound Gold Coil
Cathode Electrotine Alloy Ingot Glowing Silicon Compound Illumar
Circuit Plate Peridot Red Iron Compound Iron Coil
Conductive Plate Red Alloy Ingot Red Silicon Compound Motor
Energized Silicon Chip Ruby Sandy Coal Compound Null-logic Routing Chip
Platformed Plate Sapphire Silicon Sail
Pointer Silver Ingot Silicon Boule Woven Cloth
Silicon Chip Tin Ingot Infused Silicon Electro Silicon
Wired Plate Energized Silicon


Draw Plate Grid Draw Plate.png
Multimeter Grid Multimeter.png
Screwdriver Grid Screwdriver.png

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