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Red Alloy Wire

Red Alloy Wire
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Red Alloy Wire

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See also: Framed red alloy wires

Red Alloy Wires, also known as Redstone Alloy wires or Plain Redstone wires, are a type of wire that is capable of transmitting redstone signals. It is the most basic type of redstone wiring.



Ingredients Crafting recipe
Red Alloy Ingot

Red Alloy Ingot

Red Alloy Ingot

Red Alloy Ingot

Red Alloy Wire12


As a Crafting Ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Framed Red Alloy Wire Oak Wood Strip +
Red Alloy Wire
Oak Wood StripOak Wood StripOak Wood StripOak Wood StripRed Alloy WireOak Wood StripOak Wood StripOak Wood StripOak Wood Strip
Framed Red Alloy Wire
Wired Plate Red Alloy Wire +
Circuit Plate
Red Alloy Wire

Circuit Plate

Wired Plate


Red alloy wires are a type of surface wire. Surface wires are the primary type of wire. They must be placed on a solid surface. They can be run up walls and such, but will fall if the block they are sitting on is removed, much like torches. Wires can also be run around corners or between edges. These are the types of wires that you will use most often. The following properties are shared among every type of surface wire.

Images Description
Wire walls.png Wires can be run up walls.
Wire edge.png Wires can snap onto other wires or devices within the same block.
Wire corner.png Wires will connect around corners to other wires or devices.
Wire cover.png Wire connections can be obscured by other parts such as covers.

A red alloy wire will power anything that it is connected to, as well as any block around it. It also strongly powers the block it is sitting on. If the block it is attached to is strongly powered, then the wire will also be powered up.

Red alloy wires will connect to any thing that can interface with redstone, such as a piston. However, even if it doesn't visually connect, any adjacent blocks will be powered. The block it is sitting on will receive a strong signal, while all other block around it will get a weak signal. No visual connections doesn't mean that block won't be affected.

Images Description
Redalloy conn2.png Red alloy wires will connect to other alloy wires or insulated wires, but won't connect to bundled cables.
Redalloy weakpower.png Red alloy wires will weakly power anything around them, even if they don't directly connect.
Redalloy strongpower receive.png Red alloy wires will be powered up if their support block is receiving a strong signal.
Redalloy strongpower send.png Red alloy wires will strongly power the block they are attached to.


Version Changes
v4.0.0 Added the Red Alloy Wire.


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