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This page is currently pending deletion. It will soon cease to exist, so make sure to remove any links to it and don't rely on it being here for long. See Category:Pending Deletion for further details.

This table defines the aliases used in Module:Grid.

return {
    ['Any fuel'] = 'Coal; Charcoal; Oak Wood; Oak Wood Planks',
	['Any Wood'] = 'Oak Wood; Spruce Wood; Birch Wood; Jungle Wood; Acacia Wood; Dark Oak Wood',
	['Any Wood Planks'] = 'Oak Wood Planks; Spruce Wood Planks; Birch Wood Planks; Jungle Wood Planks; Acacia Wood Planks; Dark Oak Wood Planks',
	['Any Wood Stairs'] = 'Oak Wood Stairs; Spruce Wood Stairs; Birch Wood Stairs; Jungle Wood Stairs; Acacia Wood Stairs; Dark Oak Wood Stairs',
	['Any Wood Slab'] = 'Oak Wood Slab; Spruce Wood Slab; Birch Wood Slab; Jungle Wood Slab; Acacia Wood Slab; Dark Oak Wood Slab',
	['Any Wool'] = 'Orange Wool; Magenta Wool; Light Blue Wool; Yellow Wool; Lime Wool; Pink Wool; Gray Wool; Light Gray Wool; Cyan Wool; Purple Wool; Blue Wool; Brown Wool; Green Wool; Red Wool; Black Wool',
	['Any Carpet'] = 'White Carpet; Orange Carpet; Magenta Carpet; Light Blue Carpet; Yellow Carpet; Lime Carpet; Pink Carpet; Gray Carpet; Light Gray Carpet; Cyan Carpet; Purple Carpet; Blue Carpet; Brown Carpet; Green Carpet; Red Carpet; Black Carpet',
	['Any Dye'] = 'Orange Dye; Magenta Dye; Light Blue Dye; Dandelion Yellow; Lime Dye; Pink Dye; Gray Dye; Light Gray Dye; Cyan Dye; Purple Dye; Lapis Lazuli; Cocoa Beans; Cactus Green; Rose Red; Ink Sac',
	['Any Sandstone'] = 'Sandstone; Chiseled Sandstone; Smooth Sandstone',
	['Any Quartz Block'] = 'Block of Quartz; Chiseled Quartz Block; Pillar Quartz Block',
	['Any Stone Bricks'] = 'Stone Bricks; Mossy Stone Bricks; Cracked Stone Bricks; Chiseled Stone Brick',
	['Any Stained Glass'] = 'White Stained Glass; Orange Stained Glass; Magenta Stained Glass; Light Blue Stained Glass; Yellow Stained Glass; Lime Stained Glass; Pink Stained Glass; Gray Stained Glass; Light Gray Stained Glass; Cyan Stained Glass; Purple Stained Glass; Blue Stained Glass; Brown Stained Glass; Green Stained Glass; Red Stained Glass; Black Stained Glass',
	['Any Stained Glass Pane'] = 'White Stained Glass Pane; Orange Stained Glass Pane; Magenta Stained Glass Pane; Light Blue Stained Glass Pane; Yellow Stained Glass Pane; Lime Stained Glass Pane; Pink Stained Glass Pane; Gray Stained Glass Pane; Light Gray Stained Glass Pane; Cyan Stained Glass Pane; Purple Stained Glass Pane; Blue Stained Glass Pane; Brown Stained Glass Pane; Green Stained Glass Pane; Red Stained Glass Pane; Black Stained Glass Pane',
	['Any Stained Clay'] = 'White Stained Clay; Orange Stained Clay; Magenta Stained Clay; Light Blue Stained Clay; Yellow Stained Clay; Lime Stained Clay; Pink Stained Clay; Gray Stained Clay; Light Gray Stained Clay; Cyan Stained Clay; Purple Stained Clay; Blue Stained Clay; Brown Stained Clay; Green Stained Clay; Red Stained Clay; Black Stained Clay',
	['Any Firework Star'] = 'White Firework Star; Orange Firework Star; Magenta Firework Star; Light Blue Firework Star; Yellow Firework Star; Lime Firework Star; Pink Firework Star; Gray Firework Star; Light Gray Firework Star; Cyan Firework Star; Purple Firework Star; Blue Firework Star; Brown Firework Star; Green Firework Star; Red Firework Star; Black Firework Star',
	['Golden Apple'] = '[&b]Golden Apple',
	['Enchanted Golden Apple'] = '[&d]Golden Apple',
	['Clay (block)'] = '[Clay]Clay (block)',
	['End Portal (block)'] = '[End Portal]End Portal (block)',
	['Snow (cover)'] = '[Snow]Snow (cover)',

    -- Added for ProjectRed
    ['Any Illumar'] = 'White Illumar; Orange Illumar; Magenta Illumar; Light Blue Illumar; Yellow Illumar; Lime Illumar; Pink Illumar; Grey Illumar; Light Grey Illumar; Cyan Illumar; Purple Illumar; Blue Illumar; Brown Illumar; Green Illumar; Red Illumar; Black Illumar',
    ['Any Lamp'] = 'White Lamp; Orange Lamp; Magenta Lamp; Light Blue Lamp; Yellow Lamp; Lime Lamp; Pink Lamp; Grey Lamp; Light Grey Lamp; Cyan Lamp; Purple Lamp; Blue Lamp; Brown Lamp; Green Lamp; Red Lamp; Black Lamp',
    ['Any Inverted Lamp'] = 'Inverted White Lamp; Inverted Orange Lamp; Inverted Magenta Lamp; Inverted Light Blue Lamp; Inverted Yellow Lamp; Inverted Lime Lamp; Inverted Pink Lamp; Inverted Grey Lamp; Inverted Light Grey Lamp; Inverted Cyan Lamp; Inverted Purple Lamp; Inverted Blue Lamp; Inverted Brown Lamp; Inverted Green Lamp; Inverted Red Lamp; Inverted Black Lamp',
    ['Any Stained Sapling'] = 'White Stained Sapling; Orange Stained Sapling; Magenta Stained Sapling; Light Blue Stained Sapling; Yellow Stained Sapling; Lime Stained Sapling; Pink Stained Sapling; Grey Stained Sapling; Light Grey Stained Sapling; Cyan Stained Sapling; Purple Stained Sapling; Blue Stained Sapling; Brown Stained Sapling; Green Stained Sapling; Red Stained Sapling; Black Stained Sapling',
    ['Any Lantern'] = 'White Lantern; Orange Lantern; Magenta Lantern; Light Blue Lantern; Yellow Lantern; Lime Lantern; Pink Lantern; Grey Lantern; Light Grey Lantern; Cyan Lantern; Purple Lantern; Blue Lantern; Brown Lantern; Green Lantern; Red Lantern; Black Lantern',
    ['Any Inverted Lantern'] = 'Inverted White Lantern; Inverted Orange Lantern; Inverted Magenta Lantern; Inverted Light Blue Lantern; Inverted Yellow Lantern; Inverted Lime Lantern; Inverted Pink Lantern; Inverted Grey Lantern; Inverted Light Grey Lantern; Inverted Cyan Lantern; Inverted Purple Lantern; Inverted Blue Lantern; Inverted Brown Lantern; Inverted Green Lantern; Inverted Red Lantern; Inverted Black Lantern',
    ['Any Illumar Button'] = 'White Illumar Button; Orange Illumar Button; Magenta Illumar Button; Light Blue Illumar Button; Yellow Illumar Button; Lime Illumar Button; Pink Illumar Button; Grey Illumar Button; Light Grey Illumar Button; Cyan Illumar Button; Purple Illumar Button; Blue Illumar Button; Brown Illumar Button; Green Illumar Button; Red Illumar Button; Black Illumar Button',
    ['Any Cage Lamp'] = 'White Cage Lamp; Orange Cage Lamp; Magenta Cage Lamp; Light Blue Cage Lamp; Yellow Cage Lamp; Lime Cage Lamp; Pink Cage Lamp; Grey Cage Lamp; Light Grey Cage Lamp; Cyan Cage Lamp; Purple Cage Lamp; Blue Cage Lamp; Brown Cage Lamp; Green Cage Lamp; Red Cage Lamp; Black Cage Lamp',
    ['Any Inverted Cage Lamp'] = 'Inverted White Cage Lamp; Inverted Orange Cage Lamp; Inverted Magenta Cage Lamp; Inverted Light Blue Cage Lamp; Inverted Yellow Cage Lamp; Inverted Lime Cage Lamp; Inverted Pink Cage Lamp; Inverted Grey Cage Lamp; Inverted Light Grey Cage Lamp; Inverted Cyan Cage Lamp; Inverted Purple Cage Lamp; Inverted Blue Cage Lamp; Inverted Brown Cage Lamp; Inverted Green Cage Lamp; Inverted Red Cage Lamp; Inverted Black Cage Lamp',
    ['Any Fixture'] = 'White Fixture; Orange Fixture; Magenta Fixture; Light Blue Fixture; Yellow Fixture; Lime Fixture; Pink Fixture; Grey Fixture; Light Grey Fixture; Cyan Fixture; Purple Fixture; Blue Fixture; Brown Fixture; Green Fixture; Red Fixture; Black Fixture',
    ['Any Inverted Fixture'] = 'Inverted White Fixture; Inverted Orange Fixture; Inverted Magenta Fixture; Inverted Light Blue Fixture; Inverted Yellow Fixture; Inverted Lime Fixture; Inverted Pink Fixture; Inverted Grey Fixture; Inverted Light Grey Fixture; Inverted Cyan Fixture; Inverted Purple Fixture; Inverted Blue Fixture; Inverted Brown Fixture; Inverted Green Fixture; Inverted Red Fixture; Inverted Black Fixture',