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ProjectRed is compatible with other Minecraft mods. Currently, support has been added for ComputerCraft, Thermal Expansion, Tinkers Construct and Treecapitator


ComputerCraft Computers will accept bundled cables and interface with different coloured wires.

Source: package: mrtjp.projectred.compatibility.computercraft

Thermal Expansion

The Induction Smelter is able to smelt 1 iron with 4 redstone to make 1 red alloy ingot.

Source: package: mrtjp.projectred.compatibility.thermalexpansion

Tinkers Construct

Molten Redstone

Molten Redstone is made by putting Redstone Dust or a Redstone Block in the Smeltery.
1 Redstone Dust = 1 unit Tinkers Construct fluid
1 Redstone Block = 9 units of fluid

Molten Conductive Redmetal

Molten Conductive Redmetal is made by a variety of alloy mixes:

  • 4 Molten Redstone fluid units with 1 Molten Iron fluid unit OR
  • 3 Molten Redstone fluid units with 2 Molten Copper fluid units OR
  • 2 Molten Redstone fluid units with 3 Molten Tin fluid units OR
  • 1 Molten Redstone fluid unit with 4 Molten Aluminium fluid units

Finally, Red Alloy Ingots can be cast by pouring Molten Conductive Redmetal into an Ingot Cast

Source: package: mrtjp.projectred.compatibility.tconstruct


The axes in the Exploration module can be used as Treecapitator axes and the dyed trees are able to be decapitated.

Source: package: mrtjp.projectred.compatibility.treecapitator

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