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Routed Firewall Pipe

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Routed Firewall Pipe
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Routed Firewall pipe

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First appearance

v4.3.6 (beta)


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Routed Firewall pipes are a type of routed pipe that allow filters to be set for what items or actions can be performed through the pipe.



Ingredients Crafting recipe
Nether Brick +
Magma Cream +
Routed Junction pipe
Nether BrickMagma CreamNether BrickMagma CreamRouted Junction pipeMagma CreamNether BrickMagma CreamNether Brick
Routed Firewall pipe


The Firewall pipe provides a way to block certain items or actions that can be performed or accessed through a pipe. When items are being routed, routing will take into account the limitations of certain paths and route around blocked paths.

Each firewall has a list of items to accept or reject. On top of that, there are 4 specific things that can be blocked:

  • Push routing can be blocked to prevent items that the filter doesn't allow from being pushed to potential destinations through the pipe. Pipes looking to send items on one side of the firewall will not discover the pipe that accepts the item on the other side.
  • Pull routing can be blocked to disable items that the filter doesn't allow from being requested. Items will not be able to be pulled from one side of the pipe, even if there is another router broadcasting it on the other side. If this filter blocks a crafter from getting to its required ingredients, it will fail.
  • Crafting can be blocked to disable items from being requested to be crafted from the other side of the pipe.
  • Controller access an be blocked to disable communication with the controller. This will disable anything in the network that relies on communicating with the controller. Power will also be blocked from passing through.

Note that path filters alter the results shown in the requests GUI in realtime. (As in, if an item cannot be requested or crafted through a firewall and get to the requester, it will not be displayed.)


Gui of a Firewall Pipe

1) Filtered items - These ghost copied items make up the filter for the pipe.

2) Blacklist/whitelist - This button toggles filtering mode between blacklisting and whitelisting.

3) Push routing - Sets whether or not push routing is blocked through the pipe.

4) Pulling - Sets whether or not pulling items from broadcasters is blocked through the pipe.

5) Crafting - Sets whether or not items can be requested to be crafted from a crafter through the pipe.

6) Controller access - [Coming Soon™]


Version Changes
v4.3.6 (beta) Added the Routed Firewall pipe.
v4.3.8 (beta) Fixed item filter not being ghosted.


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