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A selection of Trees and blocks added by this module

Exploration is a module of ProjectRed. It adds Ores, Trees, Backpacks, Tools and more!


Exploration extends on the standard world generation to include colourful trees, Ruby, Sapphire and Peridot Ore, marble and basalt. It also adds a number of tools, items, and blocks based on this added worldgen.

Items Added

Ores Walls Other
Ruby Ore Marble Walls Marble
Sapphire Ore Basalt Walls Basalt
Peridot Ore Gemstone Walls Item Barrel
Copper Ore Metal Walls Gemstone Blocks
Tin Ore Metal Blocks
Electrotine Ore
Ruby Sapphire Peridot Vanilla Other
Ruby Axe Sapphire Axe Peridot Axe Stone Saw Backpacks
Ruby Hoe Sapphire Hoe Peridot Hoe Iron Saw Athame
Ruby Pickaxe Sapphire Pickaxe Peridot Pickaxe Gold Saw Wool Gin
Ruby Sword Sapphire Sword Peridot Sword Diamond Saw
Ruby Saw Sapphire Saw Peridot Saw Wooden Sickle
Ruby Sickle Sapphire Sickle Peridot Sickle Stone Sickle
Ruby Armor Sapphire Armor Peridot Armor Iron Sickle
Gold Sickle
Diamond Sickle

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